Welcome to the SLPG Mailing List Portal.

Please follow these simple step-by-step instructions to purchase a mailing list for your practice.

1. Click “Click to Log In” (top left corner) to Register. Registering will save all of your list purchases.
2. Click “Build List” (top right) to start your list purchase.
3. SLPG Marketing-approved list criteria has already been pre-selected for you.
4. Click the “Geography” tab to start. You will not need to click the “Demography” tab.
5. Click “Radius Around an Address” and enter your practice address.
6. The radius starts at 2 miles and can be increased or decreased in 1/10 mile increments.
7. SLPG Marketing suggests a list between 5,000 and 12,500 records.
8. When you have the “# Records” you would like, type the same number in the “# You Want” field.
9. Mailing lists are a flat fee of $0.03 per record, billed to SLUHN Marketing directly.
10. Click “Preview List” to see a sample of the records on your list.
11. Click “Add to Cart” and give the your list a unique name and date.
12. Click “Download List” to purchase the list. Clicking this button purchases the list.
13. After downloading, “upload” your list to the Brand Resource Center to accompany a SLPG Postcard.